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Zaizai doesn't know about his compilation album

Zaizai doesn't know about his compilation album

Zai's contract with Sony Music ended end of last year. As his current drama Black & White are having good reviews, Sony Music takes the opportunity to release a compilation album and the album title is "ÉîÇéƦ×Ó" to match with the drama.

The compilation album comprises of 36 songs, taken from his 3 solo albums and 3 F4 group albums with Sony Music. All his solo songs can be found in the compilation album. But Zai won't have any promotional events. Release of the album is targeted at loyal fans & japanese fans.

For the release of the compilation album, Zai's manager Zhi Xiang Li said they were informed only 1 week before the release of the album. Contract has ended but copyrights for the songs are with Sony Music. Sony Music has the right to release it. Zaizai only knew about the album after reading fans discussion in his official website.

Previously, F4's Vanness had revealed that Sony Music didn't have promotion budget for his compilation album. No one knows about its release. Now will Zaizai face the same thing? Sony replied, Zaizai is busy doing promotions for his new drama. Budget for the compilation has been used for production & packaging. The album consists of 36 songs and 365 pages of photo book, worth fans collection.

source: 10 May 2009

credits to Michi @ OnlyF4

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