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Ken Chu acts as weather reporter in new drama; imitates detective Conan matching formal suit with shorts

Source: Epoch Times
Translated by catalie @

F4 Ken Chu acts as a weather reporter in GTV's Taiwanese idol drama . On June 28, he was filming in Taipei; his upper body was clothed very handsomely in a neat formal suit but his bottom half was shorts with thongs! Since just like most news channels whereby only a reporter's upper body is filmed, his "transformation" was only "half a suit". Does he normally leave the house dressed so carefree? He laughed saying, "No, I won't!"

In the drama, Ken Chu and Huang Jing Lun act as brothers. Seeing his "big brother's" shorts look, made Singaporean Jing Lun exclaimed enviously, "I want to wear shorts too." He expressed that he usually loves to wear shorts. In Singapore, he would wear shorts everyday but filming this time, he has to wear long pants a lot so as soon as he saw Ken wearing shorts, he became envious.

Not only does Ken have the demeanor of an older brother onscreen, offscreen he also looks after his "younger brother", teaching Jing Lun some acting tricks. Ken said, "When I had just entered the industry and was still very amateur, I also had a senior who didn't mind taking time to teach me." After that, he encountered many instances where he has also used the frame of mind that senior at the time, to teach new actors. However, Ken has also been straightforward and doesn't deny, "Of course, there are people who don't like this." Therefore, he doesn't teach everyone, "I will watch people." Jing Lun continues asking, "Was I okay?" Ken smiles saying, "That was okay!" Jing Lun is very happy to learn from his senior, also expressing, "Having someone teach me is a good thing. Perhaps this means I have fate with people or it means there's still hope for me." His nonsensical way of speaking makes Ken laugh.

Towards Ken's guidance, Jing Lun explains, "Brother Ken has taught me the 'speculative shortcuts'." As soon as he said this, everyone looked confused. It turns out Jing Lun loves to use idioms when he talks and had changed "performance shortcuts" [技巧取巧] to "speculative shortcuts". Upon hearing this, even Ken couldn't help saying, "You really love to use idioms." In response to Jing Lun's humorous response Ken exclaimed, "I should partner you up with Vic Chou."

In regards to acting alongside a senior, Jing Lun smiles saying, "Yes, there's pressure but it's still relaxing!" Towards his NG count, he can also accept, "I haven't counted how many but I hope I can improve as we go." On the contrary, Ken joked that they should set up a system and make him pay each time he NGs as punishment.

In the drama, both Ken and newcomer Annie Chen act as reporters and are also a couple. They didn't meet until June 28 when they started filming. Ken first asked, "Are you 20 yet?" causing the crowd to look puzzled for a while. He then explained that previously he attended acting classes with fellow cast members and everytone would talk about different topics to get to know each other more, "I usually talk about things like films I used to really like and I'm just worried that they won't understand so I'll first ask if they're 18 yet."

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