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Vic Chou - GQ 11


LadyWish28 said...

Hello over there im also f4 since i was in grade 5 for short in the year 2oo3 i love them so much & much for the cutest & handsome of them jerry & vanness..

mony said...

Hi` i lov F4 n` tawainess dramas so much i watched many stories i lov :Silence" especially my fevorite fan is Vic Zhou n` watch many his series, n` most popular in Cambodia. Will Vic Zhou plan to Cambodia to attend a concert vs your group Band F4. Most of my friends know F4 n` lov to watch you F4 for a concert i hve my friends from Tawain in Cambodia for our business there will plan to vs me when you will in Cambodia for a concert.
I watch yur new serie already on-air. so good in A~


LOV VIC ZHOU Yeahhhh...will plan to Cambodia.....~..~Cant Wait.