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Ken Zhu and Kelly Lin split up

The rumoured couple is said to have broken up after five years in a relationship, citing personality differences

They say love can conquer all.

But in Ken Zhu and Kelly Lin's case, their love was not enough to overcome their differences.

According to reports, the pair has split up and Kelly has moved out from their home. Close associates of the couple revealed that their differences in personality were the cause of the break-up.

While Kelly is cool-headed and reserved, Ken is panicky and easily irritated. This difference in attitude led to many quarrels - even over trivial matters such as watching television.

Even though Kelly was said to be hopeful that their love can overcome all at the beginning, the pair eventually gave up after a five-year run, deciding on an amicable split.

The couple met in 2005 when working on a movie and their relationship was kept under wraps until the two were caught wearing couple outfits at their home in 2007. The lovebirds were even reported to have registered their marriage in Taiwan last year.

When both were quizzed about the split, neither one confirmed the news.

Kelly, who is currently busy with filming in Xi An, China, only replied that Ken and her were "only friends" before hanging up on the phone.

Ken was in Hangzhou, China when reporters asked him if he has broken up with Kelly.

Ken first asked if they had asked Kelly, and the reporters replied in the positive, Ken said, "Then it's whatever she told you."

Even as reporters probe, Ken repeated the same line, saying that it is "whatever she said".

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