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Van Ness thanks God for no bed scene in "Material Queen"

Source: UDN
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As reported previously, Van Ness Wu and Lynn Xiong were filming in Paris for their upcoming drama, “Material Queen”. Van Ness has been trying his best to avoid intimate scenes due to his Christianity, but he and Lynn had a bed scene in the drama. Fortunately, due to the cold weather in Paris, the bed scene was cancelled and changed to a kissing scene instead. Feeling relieved, Van Ness expressed, “Thank God!”

Van Ness broke up with his now ex-girlfriend Arissa just before he left Taiwan for Paris. He revealed to the media that he has already recovered from it, “Regardless of love relationships or work, God is the one giving me strength and power. Whether it’s good or bad, I have to face them all.” There were rumors that the couple broke up because Arissa had a new love interest and/or because of a dissatisfying sex life. Van Ness continued to thank God and did not disclose any further details of the break up to the media.

It’s Van Ness first time working with Lynn Xiong and he complimented her, saying that she’s very cute, “She’s completely different from her appearance. She’s like a kid, very easy to get along with.” Since Lynn is 179cm tall, whenever the two have to be filmed standing together, Lynn would take off her high heels right away. Van Ness laughed, “The director wanted me to stand on a box, but I refused.”

Golden Bell is airing on Friday, but Van Ness won’t be attending as he will be performing in Singapore. He didn’t forget to congratulate his good friend and director Chen Hui-Ling and Jian Man-Shu for their Best Director and Best Actress nominations for “Year of the Rain” respectively, “Hurry and go get your awards! You guys have to win!”

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