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Van Ness Wu injured during commercial shoot

TAIPEI : Taiwan singer-actor Van Ness Wu was hit in the head by a rock while filming an eyewear commercial on Monday.

Wu was hitting a metal drum in one scene and a rock, which was wrapped in cloth, reportedly bounced off the barrel and hit the back of his head.

The 32-year-old started bleeding and was whisked off to a nearby clinic.

"All I felt was a BUNK! Then I rubbed my ouchie. When I saw my hand afterwards there was blood," Wu wrote on his blog.

Doctors had wanted to shave off part of Wu's hair to get to the wound but were stopped by his manager. Instead, a hairstylist was called in to cut the his hair, revealing a three-centimetre-long cut.

Wu returned to work after doctors treated the wound and stopped the bleeding temporarily.

To be safe, Wu went to get an X-ray on his head after filming wrapped and fortunately, no stitches were required but the star was advised to avoid engaging in any vigorous activities.

- CNA/il

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