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Has Vic Chou’s depression returned?

The Taiwanese actor was spotted looking thinner than before

When Vic Chou shot Meteor Garden in 2000, he said that the most important thing during filming is that he must not go hungry.

This has apparently changed.

When Vic was filming Returning Home in China late last year, the actor only ate two mouthfuls of rice. His lack of appetite, a weak stomach and insomnia were probably causes of the actor's sunken cheeks. The actor currently weighs 58kg.

This has led to speculations that the actor's depression has returned.

In 2005, Vic was speculated to have depression and had been visiting the psychiatrist secretly. However, the speculations were brushed away by his managers.

According to Vic's manager Zhi Xiang Li, Vic rarely ate when he was filming because he was afraid he cannot think properly with a fuller stomach.

When asked if the sudden weight loss was related to the actor's depression, Zhi denied and said, "He [Vic Chou] visits the doctor every three months. The doctor gives him some drugs to aid him in his sleep, but they're not sedatives."

The actor is currently trying to gain back his weight by eating more.

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