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The outsider's guide to ScreenSingapore 2011

SINGAPORE: The inaugural ScreenSingapore is the first international film event held in Singapore.

The eight-day event, which kicks off on Sunday, may look like a trade event for industry players at first glance but there are still a few treats for local film buffs.

Although the premiere screenings of films like "Treasure Inn" and "The Devil Inside Me", which will take place during ScreenSingapore 2011, are only open to invited guests, those who wish to catch a glimpse of their favourite stars up close can do so when they walk the red carpet at the following events.

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan and "Lust Caution" actress Tan Wei will not be appearing due to scheduling problems, but there are still plenty of stars who will descend on Singapore for the event.
The Devil Inside Me

Chinese "Memoirs of a Geisha" star Zhang Ziyi will grace the red carpet with "The Devil Inside Me" director Zhang Qi and actress Anya for the thriller's premiere at Golden Village Vivocity, 6pm on Sunday.
Paradise Kiss and May'n The Movie

Japanese actress Aya Omasa takes to the red carpet at The Cathay, 6pm on Monday, for the premiere of her film "Paradise Kiss", the film adaptation of a popular Japanese Manga of the same name, about a young girl's journey into the world of fashion.

Japanese singer May'n will also perform on the red carpet at the gala premiere of "May'n The Movie", a film that documents her concert tour last summer, which will be held at the same venue as "Paradise Kiss".
Treasure Inn

Director Wong Jing along with "Treasure Inn" cast members Nick Cheung, Huang Yi and Liu Yang, will walk the red carpet at Cathay Cineleisure, 7.30pm on Tuesday for the premiere of their film, a martial arts comedy about a white jade statue coveted by many different factions.
Where The Road Meets The Sun

Singapore director Yong Mun Chee will make an appearance on the red carpet at Golden Village Vivocity, 6pm on Friday with cast members Fernando Noriega, Laura Ramsey and Luke Brandon Field for the premiere of their latest film "When The Road Meets The Sun", a cross-cultural film about four men who cross paths at a seedy hotel .
Jesus Henry Christ

Director Dennis Lee, producer Sukee Chew and actor Jason Spevack will grace the red carpet at Golden Village Vivcity, 7.45pm on Friday for the premiere of their film "Jesus Henry Christ", which revolves around a boy's quest to find his biological father.
Larry Crowne

Hollywood veteran Tom Hanks starred-in, directed and produced "Larry Crowne", a comedy about a man who tries to turn his life around by going back to school after losing his job.

Hanks will walk the red carpet along with Zhang, former F4 member Vanness Wu, Lee Byung Hun of "G.I.Joe" fame, Archie Kao from "CSI", and Singapore actor Chin Han for the premiere of "Larry Crowne" at Shaw Lido, 6pm next Saturday, drawing the eight-day event to a close.
Special previews

Those not interested in stargazing can catch a series of special preview screenings held in conjunction with the film festival.

Highlights include "A Summer in Genova", starring Collin Firth as a man who moves with his two daughters in a bid to get over the tragedy of his wife's death as well as "A Beautiful Life", starring Shu Qi as a woman who cons a cop but later finds out she loves him.

Details about these preview screenings can be found

The second China Film Festival will also be held in conjunction with ScreenSingapore, offering film lovers a chance to catch films with a distinct Chinese flavour, such as "The Piano In The Factory", about a steel worker who decides to build a steel piano from scratch to win custody of his daughter.

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