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Vic Chou is looking for love

HONG KONG: Taiwan actor Vic Chou revealed during a recent promotional event in Hong Kong for his new film "Perfect Two", that he hopes to settle down by 40 and is currently seeking a girlfriend, reported Hong Kong media.

The 30-year-old actor, who plays a father that grapples with the challenge of raising his young son in the film, said he previously planned to marry and have children at 25, but just couldn't find Miss Right.

His new goal is to do so by 40.

"I really want to be a father and start a family but it isn't easy. I need to first find a good other half, but I haven't found one yet.

"My social circle is too small, and I don't like socializing at events, so I sincerely ask that if there is anyone suitable, please recommend them to me!" Chou told reporters.

The former F4 member said many of his friends were in loving relationships and this caused him to yearn for love as well.

Chou added that he did not rule out having a lightning quick 'flash wedding' if Miss Right comes along.

"Should the right person appear one day, and wants to marry and have kids, I will do it," said Chou.


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