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F4 reunites for Chinese New Year

2 Feb – The members of F4 has arrived in Beijing to record their performance for the Jiangsu Satellite TV's Spring Gala Festival, a popular Chinese New Year show watched all over the world.

Asianpopnews website reported that Ken Zhu, who arrived in Beijing two days prior, was finally joined by his brothers, Jerry Yan, Vic Chou and Vanness Wu a day later.

Jerry, whose eyes were injured during filming, arrived wearing dark shades, and was swarmed by fans upon exiting the airport, signifying his continuous popularity with or without the group.

Vanness, who also arrived in Beijing at the same time as Jerry, took a photo with his F4 brother and uploaded it on Weibo, stating, "My brother, long time no see!"

Meanwhile, Vic, who arrived earlier than Jerry and Vanness on the same day, expressed, "I am looking forward to the reunion. I hope that the group can stage a spectacular performance."

This is the first reunion of the "Meteor Garden" stars after four years. F4 will be performing their hit songs, "Meteor Shower" and "First Time" at the Spring Gala Festival.

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