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Fake Accounts using F4 members name - BEWARE!

Last night, I saw this shout out on my timeline posted by a friend. It seemed  that 'Ken Chu' got pissed off when He found out that there is a 'poser' using his name in Twitter and Tweeted something (showing his sympathy) for the Philippines.

Credits to the screenshot.

Here's the catch. I've seen tons of posers on the Internet specially in Twitter.

Here's an example when I tried searching for 'Jerry Yan'
(my name was on the list because I included 'fan girl to Jerry Yan' on my description profile.

Now, which is legit? The answer is NONE!

Because Jerry has his own Weibo Account and those Twitter accounts are either owned by Fan Groups (which I highly recognized) and some are just 'posers'.

Even Barbie Hsu tweeted in English :) It's up to you to believe, hahaha.

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