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Official news by the Taiwanese govt
Suggestions for F4 Idol Drama Filming Locations,
the Taiwanese wave as a counter move to promote Taiwan tourism

Source: tw
February 15, 2007
Translations and screenshot by Jerry's Kingdom

Super famous F4, just before they become Taiwan's official tourism ambassadors for Japan and Korea, will also film an idol drama this year, where it's beautiful plot will only show the best mountains and water sceneries and introduce them to the Korean and Japanese friends.

To accomplish this super mission, the Tourism Bureau will officially open the suggestions for filming locations from February 15 to March 15, which will be available for on-line at http://taiwan. It will carry your choices for the filming sites and other basic information. 200 participants whose suggestions will be selected will get the "F4 360 degrees 5 years Glorious Collection Set", and a CD (IG, for 50 winners). If you suggested a highly-valued filming site, the Tourism Office can suggest for the production unit to take shots of these beautiful sceneries and introduce them to the locals and foreigners. It is hoped that everyone could be able to help the Tourism Bureau and together with F4 could create a new dazzle for a happy Taiwan travel.

official site:

JK NOTE: the orange circle leads to the suggestion form while the blue circleleads to the related information

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