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As F4 visits Japan, large troops to be deployed for the 4,Strict policy for short exit walk and allow to wave only 3 times

Source: Liberty Times

March 5, 2007
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Tomorrow, F4 will all-together board the plane bound for Japan for the Taiwan Tourism Bureau promotion, a collective break after their individual solo flights. Because of the collective 4's astonishing expected amount of fans to welcome, Japanese police will use the strict troop deployment. The Japanese aviation authorities also relayed to F4 the restrictions of waiving their hands for only 3 times during their exit from the airport.

Japanese Aviation Police is very afraid of fans' chaos

Two years ago, during the last time F4 collectively went to Japan was for their photobook shooting, thousands of fans madly chased and crowded towards the Tokyo airport, creating extreme chaos and inconveniences for other airport travelers. After that, F4 went separate ways in their solo careers and a reunion project became next to difficult. However, in order to promote Taiwan tourism, F4 will end their earlier qualms on reuniting. On Tuesday afternoon, they will take the China Airlines flight bound for Tokyo from Taoyan airport. In order to prevent a huge commotion in the airport, the Japanese Aviation Security already sent restricted policies to F4 including phohibited areas of picture-taking, their pre-determined exit route, and allowing them to wave to the fans for only 3 times before they will quickly walk-away towards the airport exit.

Vanesss to promote using a cane to support his injured leg

Regarding accommodations, F4 will jointly embark on First Class. Vic and Ken will sit together while Jerry and Vaness will sit side by side. On special requests, food lover Ken asked for some quick meal after work, while fitness-conscious Vanness asked for those light food and drinks of boiled meat and salads with no oil, and wanted a hotel with a gym.

However, during Vanness' just-concluded concert in Malaysia, he injured his right foot pretty bad, that is why he will use a cane when he walks to Japan and Korea.

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