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F4 in JAPAN - News, Photos and Downloads

Friends, i am too lazy to post it one by one ... you can visit some updates here [i am only human hehe]:

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Fans at the Airport

F4 to guest in SMAP X SMAP in a big battle of the bands

Idol group F4 as ambassadors of Taiwan will go to Japan and Korea to hold international media conference

F4 will go to Japan and Korea to promote Taiwan

Jerry Yan brakes income source brings up resentment to F3

Super famous F4 as Tourism honorary ambassadors to lure fans to come to Taiwan and create an upsurge in Taiwanese wave

More Screencaps, Updates - F4 going to Japan

F4 Arrives in Tokyo to Promote Taiwanese Tourism - March 6, 2007

Jerry's Shanghai Charity Event - Cancelled

More Pictures from WireImages

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