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Van Ness Wu's Kung Fu Fighter Opens on OCTOBER 10 ... (Metro Manila)

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Van Ness Wu's Kung Fu Fighter Opens on OCTOBER 10 ... (Metro Manila)
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Vanness Wu Kung Fu Fighter

Kung Fu Fighter is an action Kung Fu movie star Vanness Wu of JVKV (formerly
known as F4). The story is about a young man named Ma (Vanness Wu) who
searches for his kung fu expert father in 1930s Shanghai. Inheriting
his father's super strength, he secures a job at a martial arts house
and befriends Fat (Lam Chi Chung). The two fall into a trap and the
Shanghai triads want to hunt them down. Meanwhile, Ma also has a crush
on singer Lung (Emme Wong), but will the love between them blossom?
With so many different parties plotting against each other, will Ma
survive all the conspiracies?


A martial arts comedy produced by Sharon Yeung and directed by Ye Yong
Jian. Tin Kai Man plays a greedy, cunning, and licentious person who
constantly fights with Chan Kwok Kun, a secret society boss, while Lam
Tse Chong again brings about comic relief in this movie. Bruce Leung
plays a master of kungfu. This My Way Film production also stars Vaness
Wu Fan Siu Wong, Emme Wong. Fan Siu Wong, who also action directs the
movie, hopes to create fight scenes that are not only modern but
reflect the true spirit of martial arts. Marco (Vanness Wu), a
vigorous, natural-born fighter, is in search of his father, and all the
clues point to Shanghai, the booming city of the future. Set in the
dazzling 1940's, it is during this quest that he will, make friends,
find love and build up his status as the true kung fu master.

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