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2007-09-21 20:35:48
Tokyo, Sept. 21 (CNA) Taiwan's four-man pop group F4, which has been named tourism ambassadors for the country, attended an evening event in Tokyo Thursday to introduce Taiwan's delicacies as part of their tourism promotion mission, according to event organizers.

F4 members Jerry Yan, Vic Chou, Ken Chu, and Vanness Wu were commissioned by Taiwan's Tourism Bureau earlier in the year to help attract tourists to Taiwan since they have captured the hearts of young women around Asia with "Meteor Garden, " a Taiwanese teen soap opera.

The evening event, held with the goal of inviting media representatives to taste Taiwan's fine food, was one of the group's second round of promotional activities since March.

Speaking at the beginning of the evening gathering, former NHK announcer Junko Kubo jokingly said after hosting a news conference at which F4 promoted Taiwanese tourism in March, she was lured by the charm of F4 and paid a visit to Taiwan, which most impressed her with its delicacies.

At her request, F4 members each recommended their favorite dishes. Their choices included steamed dumplings, Tainan noodles, pearl milk tea and pan-fried eggs with preserved radish.

Taiwan representative to Japan Koh Se-kai also attended the event, saying that last year the number of Japanese visitors to Taiwan reached 1.16 million, while the number of Taiwanese visitors to Japan accounted for 1.2 million, which he described as a symbol of the close ties between the two countries.

Koh said that he was optimistic about a booming exchange of tourists between the two sides in near future, adding that the recent inauguration of Taiwan High Speed Rail, the Hsuehshan tunnel and the tilting Taroko-class trains in Taiwan, as well as the newly launched measures concerning Taiwan-Japan reciprocal recognition of driver's licenses, could help boost further exchanges.

Speaking on the same occasion, Chiang Ming-ching, an official of the Tourism Bureau posted in Japan also said that since F4 began its tourism mission, Taiwan has enjoyed a growing number of Japanese visitors to Taiwan, and expressed hope that the number will jump in the second half year.

Chiang said a TV commercial featuring F4 is slated to be broadcast Sept. 15 in Japan, and the group will perform on Oct. 28 at the stadium of National Taiwan University in a show that is expected to attract 5,000 fans from Japan and South Korea, with a number of limited edition souvenirs to be given away to fans.

F4's last performance at the same venue, on April 22, attracted nearly 5,000 fans from the two countries.

(By Yang Ming-chu and Y.L. Kao)


source: CNA
credits to Jerry Yan Philippines

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