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Vanness Wu and Kelly Lin at GUCCI Fashion Show In Taiwan

thanks to KeneticGurl @ Tsinoy
2008 09 06 at 12:55
credit to KellyLinthread@asianfanatics

In addition to Huang Xiao Ming, last night the angels have gathered in the big show. Kelly Lin, Liang Jingru, Jiang Yi, Laiya Yan, the fashionable F4(Vanness) and Nguyen arrived at the scene earlier . Nguyen admitted today , this is his first time over the years to be invited to participate in GUCCI activities whihc is actually an event for models, which really made him blush.Kelly Lin came out, wearing leather jacket and a mini -balloon dress , displaying a rare personality, and for the first time she also tried to have a black nail polish, to make her appear more rock-oriented for the big fashion show. Singer Liang Jingru wears special dress looking so small and gringing in the latest bag for this year at the venue, and Vanness Wu was in a punk style get up.

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