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Where have i been lately

Where have i been lately
17 March 2008

Been long time haven't spend the new year in Taiwan
This year, i was able to stay in Taiwan and spend with family
and even met up with old classmates for drinks and chat
comfortable and totally relaxing and satisfying

After the new year, went to Japan for Ken's concert preparations.
The concert received not bad reviews, Ken worked hard and went to Japan 1 month before the concert for disussions with the all Japanese production team, and examine every rundown and details.
Towards the music he likes, Ken will give 100% concentration.
It enables me, who have been accompanying at his side these years, to see his growth and improvement

Back in Taiwan, continued for Ruffian and Hero preparations with Zaizai
Besides some stamina training courses, lately there are some survival games training. Accompanying Zaizai to buy some stuff for the games, looking at his engrossment and excitment, looks like he'll fall in love with his new role again. Through the years, Zaizai no longer sees acting as a job, but fully giving life to his role. He will become an outstanding all rounded actor, not just an idol.

Weekend, attended LV party with Zaizai in Hong Kong. Only stayed 1 night. HK friends complained, why not arrange to meet friends for a meal in HK. Being a manager, often things are beyond your control.
Next time, next time in HK will fork out time to have a meal with everyone. My treat.

credit to Michi@ OnlyF4

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