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Latest News Updates for the week (Feb 2008)

While Filming in a Hospital, Show Lo Visits Hospitalized Fan

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"Meteor Garden" Set for Korean Remake

Taiwan's smash hit television drama "Meteor Garden" will soon be made into a Korean version,

South Korean media reported.

Who is the most adequate actor for the role of Dao Ming Si in Korean version of "Meteor
Garden/Hana Yori Dango"?

Famous Japanese comic "Hana Yori Dango/Meteor Garden" was made into a drama with Japanese version and Taiwanese version, and both became very popular. Therefore, Korea is preparing to make a version of its own, and there is an online poll for chosing the casts of the

Vanness Wu wants to learn from Andy

"I always look up to him as an idol and he also looked after me." When Vanness joined the
cast, Andy immediately asked his assistant to lend Vanness huge chunk of Three Kingdom books and DVD as tuition, even prompt him to find stories related to Guan Yu to read, thus Vanness got the "Three Kingdom poison", Vanness then seize the chance to ask Andy to be his master, "Not only learn acting from him, also wanted to learn his hardworking and way of life, we also want to let people know that people in showbiz is very healthy, many kept improving themselves, Andy Lau is a role model for artist."

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