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Reported by wengvann
According to her, last saturday when she posted an entry about Vanness Latest Blog Entry
She cannot viewed it. I said try to reopen or refreshed the page but still she was unlucky.

Unfortunately, I tested and posted another entry about Vanness
and I am frustrated seeing this "NOT VIEWABLE" message every now and then.

We contacted the Customer support already and hopefully it will fix soon.

Starting today, When posting, please select "for Everyone" so that we can read it.
By the time when everything is OK, we will repost everything.

Of course, we would like to have a little privacy on our group. It will be a "hassle" for now but we have to do this
- tto give you the latest updates and information on F4.

Again, thank you for your patience and understanding.

Hay, bibigat kasi ng mga bugoy! hehehe

=) daomisyel,
JVKV Multiply Admin
(naks solo sa billing) hehehe!

Para tayong karinderya, Open for Everybody! TULOY PO KAYO. hahahaha!

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