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Our own version of Zaizai's Birthday Celebration!

Happy Birthday Zaizai, wish you long life, happiness and hopefully you'll find someone who will love you

Weekend, June 7 and 8

Part 1 -Our own version of celebrating Zaizai's birthday celebration

Part 2 -A Sunday afternoon "coincidence" adventure

Part 3 -and a Monday chika-chika

Part 1 - June 7
Our own version of celebrating Zaizai's birthday celebration

The retardeds agreed to meet on June 7 at Megamall.
We decided to stay at my palace and have some snacks while watching our favorite videos and had fun talk (about everything we see, feel, etc)

Food courtesy of the Retardeds
thanks to claire for the photos

Am still waiting for weng's photos because meron akong posing dun holding jerry the alien breadman.hehehe.

*Ma'am Mimi madaya, di sumama.pero sa picture taking present.bwahahaha.

thanks to Mari of Certified Vann Addicts. Hello to Tita Amy. Nice seeing you once again. Hay istorbo talaga ang work sa mga meet up. bwahahaha.

Our main highlight was "Linger" (Zaizai's movie) but unfortunately my dvd got stuck up on claire's player and we decided to let it go and watch other clips. I don't know what happened. I actually seen the movie twice. First was i fell asleep because i was too tired from work then the second one, I wasn't aware that there was an audio option wherein i can switched the cantonese audio to mandarin (laughtrip!). The movie is not that long, and the story is very simple. Zaizai's character is I don't know if he's an illusion or a ghost with unfinished business on earth and keeps on asking Li BingBing "Do You Really Love Me?" What keeps me annoying is the female lead. You know i don't like her. She occupies 90% of the screentime. That's why i got bored. Zaizai looks horrible in "YKK" zipper as Jerry said in their F4 interview. Anyways back to our marathon, finally we were able to watched all thelatest clips of F4 from Jerry's Starlit, Hot Shots presscon, Vanness Kung Fu Chef, Vic's Lancome and many other F4 related news including the TV specials werein these four guys had bloopers on their rehearsals (Jan 2008 - Waiting for you the Album) ...

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