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Ken Chu: F4 not considered friends, left with revolutionary feelings

Ken Chu: F4 not considered friends, left with revolutionary feelings

The name "F4", since year 2001 Meteor Garden filming, experienced popularity, ups and down, going solo, reuniting... various news, so what kind of relationship do the 4 of them have?

Ken said: "Our relations are subtle, not very good nor bad. Not possible to be best of friends because we have different lifestyles. And not possible to be on bad terms because we often have to work together. Are we really friends? Probably not." He added " Because besides work, we don't have any contacts." However, he did not overturn their many years of revolutionary feelings. He revealed they have slept together before. Was there competition between one another? He said: "Even if there was, it was no ill intentions." There were rumours that he and Jerry Yan were on bad terms, he denied: "I dislike people who are gui mao (taiwan slang for fussy?), after Jerry knew, he dare not provoke me." If have to choose who he gets along best with among other F3, he chose Vic Chou: "His cold jokes, only I can understand."

Shedding Idol image

Before entering showbiz, he had lived in hardship. His life totally changed because of F4. The 1st time in his life to see large sum of $ was when he filmed Marmalade Boy with NT$500,000 earnings. But if given the chance for him to make a decision again, he expressed he will not walk the same road and would rather study. Besides losing freedom, privacy... after being a celebrity, there was once he was tembling outside the bank entrance, he realised he was lost the ability to do things himself. From then, he felt he has to refind his attitude of living. "This 3 years I have been working hard to shed idol image, who doesn't go downhill, the most important is that u have face ourself when u are asleep." Therefore, he practise Taichi, "I hope fans will learn from my way of life, not blindly spend money for my sake."

source: 6 Jan 2009 Apple Daily Taiwan
credits to michi@onlyf4

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Anonymous said...

That took guts. Bucking the party line is rare.

On a side note, who slept together?