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Ken's latest scheduled work

Ken's latest scheduled work

Source: Apple Daily

According to an announcement on Today's Apples Daily, Ken will go for a scheduled radio promotion program. Details are as follows:

Ken Chu Radio Program
Date & Time: December 30, 2008. 13:00
Location: 168 Dingzhou Road, Sec. 3, Taipei, Taiwan.

Related announcement has been circulated online. Please note that this program is not open for public, nor open for fans participation. Please do not plan for any visit for that may cause unnecessary interruption on schedule work.

Besides, today's program is not a live interview. Please look forward to further updates on major news channels and newspaper reports.

Thank you!

Source: Nownews
Credit: simple of kenforever

Ken helped a radio station promoting a new channel starting from Jan 1, made food in a restaurant that have the cabin decoration and waitress dress like crew. Ken also talked about his new album.

Yesterday, Ken who has good culinary skills was invited by tai bei zhi yin radio station to visit A380 Sky Kitchen (a air stewardess themed restaurant). The restaurant was designed to resemble airplane cabin and waitresses are dressed as air stewardess. When feeding the air stewardess waitresses, Ken joked and said: "Do u know i have always used cooking meals to impress gals?"

As to whether he won Lin Xi Lei's heart through his cooking? or if she had tried his cooking, he refused to answer. He only said: "Ask her personally the next time u all see her."

Has he considered Lin Xi Lei to star in his mv? Ken replied she is too busy.

source: 31 Dec 2008 Apple daily
credits to Michi of onlyF4

Another News:

Ken filled and decorated the cabin trays with food. He said in the past he was served, this is the 1st time he did it himself.

Although he is not willing to talk about his love life, he expressed "Currently, he has not found someone that can make him cook for her". But he admitted he did consider asking Lin Xi Lei to help out in his new MV, but her schedule was too busy to do so. When the media asked further about him and Lin Xi Lei, if the 2 of them have contacted lately, Ken immediately kept his smiles and said "Haven't i said b4, u all ask her yourself!". Thoughout the interview, he did not say her name"Lin Xi Lei" but used "she" instead.

With regards to whether he went on diet coz of his album release, Ken straight-forwardly replied "No!". He expressed he has never bothered about his weight. Reporter continued and asked: "did the record company request u to lose weight?". He immediately retorted: "I find it weird, where did u all get this wrong info from." He emphasized again: "I have never bothered about my weight, I am satisfied with the way I am."
After Ken's serious explaination, the reporter did not question further.

About his "Getting Real" new songs and greatest hits album which will be released early Jan, Ken expressed the album consist of 22 songs and will be his last album with SonyBmg as in their contract. He only wishes to finish the album promotions. Although both parties have not talked about contract renewal, he is firm that this should be his last actual album. Ken said the music market has changed, in future should be releasing digital music. Because of contract issues with recording company, he would not have any music works the next half of the year, earliest will be during summer holidays.

Ken expressed this year was substantial and free. Besides F4 concert and other commercial work, he usually go surfing or meet friends to chat, or ride on his over NT$500,000 heavyweight motorcycle. This year he does not have much opportunity to go overseas, most of the time stayed in Taiwan. Recently, he spent 3 days to fulfil his wish to ride his bike around the islands. Ken said next year the global economy should be the same as this year, not really good, so he chooses to face it in a conservative way. For example, not to make investment for the time being. He predicts his workload in the coming year won't be much either. He said, actually lately he daily expenditure is zero, he smiled and answered: "Because I cook, so save on going out for meals."

Source: 30 Dec 2008 Hitoradio
credits to Michi of onlyF4

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