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Vic Zhou is swearing off relationship for now

Vic Zhou, member of F4, who broke up with Barbie Hsu because they had "differing views and directions in love", claimed that he has lost confidence in maintaining a relationship.

In TV drama "The Last Night of Madam Chin", Zhou took the role as Fan Bingbing's young lover; a passionate man who tried to commit suicide for "Madam Chin", Fan's character. In his opinion, taking one's own life for love is a stupid move.

This is the first time Zhou and Fan are partnering on screen. "She is more like a mother and quite a nag; she'll bring me thermo bags, ginger tea, afraid that I'll catch a cold. I found out recently that my costumes were handpicked by her too," he shared.

In response to this, Fan said, "Everyone says I care too much for people around me."

Zhou also revealed that he has no wish to get into a relationship in reality for the time being. "Based on past experience, if I do not have confidence to bring her a lifetime of bliss, I should never fall in love with her," he said.

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