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Growing up in single-parent families: F4, Jay Chou, Jiro Wang & Dylan Kuo all have a sad history

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Growing up in single-parent families: F4, Jay Chou, Jiro Wang & Dylan Kuo all have a sad history

Many people are attracted to the talent and good looks of the male idols in the entertainment circle, but often we will overlook their family background. You may not know that in the Taiwan entertainment circle, many male idols all grew up in single-parent families. Today’s Asia King Jay Chou is one of them; when he was 14 years old, his parents divorced, and he was brought up by his mother alone. Was Jay’s family like how he describes in his song, and full of violence? And how did his 3 composed songs for his grandmother, mother and father originate?

Dylan Kuo rose to fame after starring in idol drama ‘The Outsiders’. His situation inside and outside of the drama are surprisingly similar. At a young age, not only did he experience the hurt from his parent’s divorce, his mother also died when he was in junior school. How much unknown pain did he experience during his childhood and teenage years? How did he live his unimaginable life?

As for idol group F4, all 4 members were actually brought up by their mothers, and the 4 experienced lives even rougher than in television dramas. So how was each of their single-parent family life?

Fahrenheit’s Jiro Wang looks full of sunshine in all directions. But once at an event, his family was brought up and he broke down in tears. Behind a prince image, actually lies a rather tough childhood life; when he was in junior school, already he had to work so to take care of his whole family. And what kind of childhood life did he experience?

If you want to know what kind of bitter memories were left on our male idols, please watch ‘Television’s Feng Yun Chart’ on China’s educational channel 3 on the 8th of February at 6:00pm.

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