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Ken Chu concert in Japan, concentrates fully at rehearsals

F4's popularity in Japan is unwavering. Ken Chu is the only member in F4 to hold solo concert in Japan for 3 consecutive years. 21st nite, his concert was held at a new venue JCB hall, estimate of 5000 seats were sold out fast, and organisers added standing tickets which were also wiped out by Japanese fans.

Despite the economic recession, Ken's is still doing well in Japan. Although this year is his 3rd time to open concert in Japan, his number of shows increased to 3 shows and tickets are priced at 8000yen (approximately NT3000), the price remains the same for standing tickets. Japan fans did not mind standing to squeeze in the venue to see their idol.

Having had concerts for 2 years in a row, initially Ken was afraid he might lose attractiveness, and begin to fade... Unexpectedly, fans to continue supporting him enthusiastically, and it is a great encouragement for him. "They recognised my music compositions, no matter how long am i able to sing, I'll treat each performance as the last and give my best."

For this year concert, Ken did everything himself, from looking for musicians, type for performances, content, costume etc and flew to Japan to start rehearsals 2 weeks b4 the concert. Past 2 years, he sang Carpenters and Beatles songs, this year he decided to pay tribute to Eagles.

Ken even chose a classic eagles song to dedicate to his deceased father. He revealed that the song had a significant meaning towards him, when he sang the song, he said in a teary voice: "Believe that my father will be listening by a side although he can't see it."

In comparision to the warmth by Japan fans, Ken is regretful for not being able to gain support in Taiwan, where topics will always be on his looks and whether he is fat or thin. He emphasized, it is due to his asthma. He expressed, "very thankful that F4 gave a good start for me in the entertainment biz, but I'm not a "pretty flower boy" anymore, hope I can be myself."


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