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Fan Bing Bing, Vic Zhou, Romantic wedding dress in "Madame Chin" is exposed

Source : Eastday
Translation by MoonlightD @

Fan Bing Bing invested and lead acts in drama "Madame Chin"*, which is nearing the end of shooting. In the newest set of exposed on set photos, Fan Bing Bing and Anthony Wong appeared hand in hand in a church. The wedding progresses halfway, but is cut short by the appearance of Fan Bing Bing's "first love", Zai Zai (Vic Zhou).

In the filming, Fan Bing Bing dons a white wedding gown with a train dragging on the ground, a dignified and elegant streamline and rich flower embroidery. Along with her hair, wound up high, covered by a white veil, she gives off the illusion of grandeur. It has brought back the rich classical styles of the 60s of last century. The falling form of Zai Zai (Vic Zhou)'s long hair is both graceful and unruly. It is different from the previously exposed sunshine image. So this moment was actually already 20 years after "Sheng Yue Ru" (Zai Zai) first meets "Chin Zhao Li" (Fan Bing Bing).

Fan Bing Bing's character, "Chin Zhao Li", was once unmatched in talent and grace by the hundreds of entertainers in Shanghai. She attracted the pursuit of countless men. However, even more, she was a woman who suffered through many mistakes of fate. She came from she slums, but did not catch it.** Instead she had a forthright and generous manner, always doing charitable deeds. She had a strong stance in not wrecking other people's lives. She was willing to love, but afraid to seek it. She was willing to sacrifice herself, but she would not allow the misfortunes in her life dominate her fate. Her brother, the man she loves the most, and the man who loves her the most makes "Chin Zhao Li"s life colorful and engraves itself in one's memory...The extraordinary positions of this story adds much to its complexity.

Vic Zhou's character, "Sheng Yue Ru" is one of the drama's most important male characters. In the drama, his nature is sincere and kind-hearted. He loves painting and theater. Towards relationships, he is single-minded as well as dedicated. "Sheng Yue Ru" and "Chin Zhao Li" meet during each other's happiest times. The two fall in love at first sight. However, because of time period's limitations and family resistance, they have to face trails one after another. They act out a love that engraves into one's memory.

Translator's Notes:
* Also known as "The Last Night of Madame Chin"
** She did not "catch" the dirtiness and ruthlessness


Anonymous said...

did fan bingbing get a haircut for the movie home run??? it's really short and ...OMG....HER HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i REALLY hope not!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sad that they didn't use zai zai's real sweet and soft voice...