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Ken Zhu hopes to take nude photos of Kelly Lin,

Yahoo! News

Taiwanese actor and singer Ken Zhu revealed he has half-naked photos of Vic Zhou and expressed his desire to take nude photos of his rumoured girlfriend, Kelly Lin.

The avid photographer will hold an exhibition in Taipei showcasing his photographic works for the past six years. He will also hold a panel talk called "Memories from My Holidays" for the photos taken from his various vacation trips.

His showcase will not only feature photos taken in Europe, Shanghai, and various other scenic spots, but will also feature his love for cats. He outwardly expressed his desire to photograph Lin, "I really want to, but she refuses to let me do so." He was unafraid of hiding his intentions and said that he would like to take a photo book for her. Zhu once relayed his idea to her manager but was immediately rejected by Lin.

On the type of shoot he would like to photograph Lin in, he expressed, "You have to ask her!"

With a curvaceous body figure of 33C-23-34, Lin, having overheard the outlandish requests, laughingly said, "I released a photo book once. I'm not sick of it and think its still worth a look now. I don't have any desire to shoot another one now."

Zhu went on and explained that his half-naked photo of Zhou was playfully taken after the latter had dinner at his place and sat on the couch after removing his top. He wanted to include the photo in this exhibit but faced vehement protests from Zhou who pleaded with Zhu, "Please don't show it!"

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