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7 Years after "Make A Wish"...

7 Years after "Make A Wish"...
Monday, July 27, 2009 Taiwan

Last night, popular Taiwanese idols, Vic Zhou and Ariel Lin reunited in Guangzhou for a fan meeting sponsored by "Master Kong Jasmine Tea" - a drink company (see above pic). At the event, they were asked about this collaboration, the first since their first collab 7 years ago for Vic's "Make A Wish" MV. Vic laughed and said that Ariel has transformed from an innoncent young girl into a professional and well-rounded actress, while Ariel said that Vic's smile hasn't changed at all through the years, and he still takes good care of his juniors.

Vic also said that there are three type of people in the entertainment industry: Type 1, people who know how exactly to adapt to the environment/atmosphere to make a good collaboration; Type 2 have more of their personality and is more out-spoke; Type 3 doesn't care about others' opinions and input at all. Vic described that Ariel is Type 2 like he is. "She has her own opinions, similar to me. We're not the quiet obedient type as most people think we are." However, Zai Zai also mentioned that he has gone through many stages where he accepted deals where he did not fully agree to. "I think, I would know myself more than than my company knows me. I would know what my future plans should be."

Ariel Lin has been very busy promoting her own solo album, "Blissful Encounter". She said that even though she is still a newbie when it comes to singing, she believes that the market requires various types of singing voices. She also expressed that she would like to step out the "idol" image, so to prove that she should be taken seriously in the singer market.

Ariel added that she is a very quiet girl and has sometimes felt very out of place in current society where everything moves quickly and efficiently (like a fast food restaurant). When talking about unlucky in love, she answered, "I am someone who looks to people who have very deep emotions."


Source: Aiya They Didn't, Sina

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