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Entirely changing from the ruffian wind, Zaizai challenges "soft beauty" style

Monday May 17, 2010 Taiwan
Source : TVBS news
Translated by sytwo at VIC/ AF

Melancholic star Zaizai entirely changes from the ruffian wind for new movie, wearing a pink suit and acting hilarious. Not only growing a moustache, he also strike a beautiful pose for the photo shoot, very saucy (lively and cheeky). In the movie "Love You Ten Thousand Years", ZZ's role has a somewhat nervous-like (a little "mad-like") characteristic which makes ZZ want to daringly challenge it.

Face full of moustache, wearing a pink suit and acting very saucy even when taking photos, he does not forget to strike a beautiful pose wriggling his waist and exhibiting his buttock. Zaizai entirely changes from his Ruffian feel, making a big breakthrough for the movie as he wears a "kawaii" (cute) pink suit.

Actually Zaizai has always wanted to act as someone who has mental disorder, and in the new film the role of the decadent rock band singer with a nervous-like characteristic is what he wants to portray.

For the movie, he pompously put on a pink suit and act saucy, and will also have "embarrassing scenes" with lead actress Kato Yuki. Even before the movie is released it has already created topic of discussion - before the official website was established fans has already set up a website for the film.

Purposely striking a pose with his legs and looking foolish, leaving the image of melancholic youth, he lets everyone see a very different Zaizai.

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