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Zaizai Vic Zhou tries out a saucy and "soft beauty" image for new film

Monday May 17, 2010 Taiwan
Source : CTI news h
Translated by sytwo at VIC/ AF

After series Ruffian Hero, Zaizai Zhou Yumin once again has a major breakthrough in his image for a new film. Not only wearing a pink suit, he also put on a saucy and cute pose. But actually in the film Zaizai plays a decadent rock band member and will sing in the movie, plus have a passionate bed scene with Japanese actress Kato Yuki.

Wearing a saucy pink suit, and combining it with vulgar (俗俗) taiwanese-flavored (台客) dance steps, Zai Zai Zhou Yumin will wriggle his waist and exhibit his buttock and even sing a classic old song to show off his vocal chords in the movie "Love You Ten Thousand Years".

Saying goodbye to the masculine image in Ruffian Hero, Zai Zai has a major breakthrough for the new film, not only putting on a "kawaii" (cute) pink suit, even his pose for the photo shoot is very saucy.

Going the "cute" route, but in actual fact Zaizai plays a decadent rocker in the movie and has a passionate bed scene with Japanese actress Kato Yuki. Zai Zai Zhou Yumin is recently attempting different path in his film career, making great efforts to transform his image. From a idol male star he has now turn into an actor with real strength.

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Anonymous said...

I love his drama "Black and White" and I was really happy it would be turned into a movie..