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UDN news : Zai Zai, Eddie, Lee Hom fight it out on big screen during summer vacation

credit thank : Sytwo @VIC & @AF

Pix : Zaizai in LY10000Y acts very "taiwanese" (tai-ke)

During summer vacation, a big number of taiwan films will be released. Male idol star will become a new strength for local movies. Zaizai in "Love you ten thousand years" change from a ruffian policeman into decadent youth, Eddie Peng and Ming Dao in "Close at hand" display flesh and emotions (not sure of this), Lee Hom in "Love affair notice" change clothes/ disguise and display martial skills, waiting for fans to examine the results.

Zaizai transformed his image in "Love you ten thousand years", doing the taiwanese cha-cha dance and even try to figure out the youth invention of a hot-blooded "call for making love" dance. Also practiced hard on the guitar, and many times went to the recording studio with Huang Deng Hui and Li Boen for rehearsal, and during the actual filming day, he personally played the guitar and sang from beginning to end. F4 idol's smooth and outstanding performance in singing and playing really startled director Kitamura, "Originally when I first heard that Zai Zai was willing to take up the role, I feel like it was a dream, and now he really gave me a big pleasant surprise!".

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