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Vanness starts shopping website, Sun Ying Ying's boutique open only for regulars

Source: China Times
Translation: casablanca-- @ Do not repost without credits!

Vanness Wu and heiress Sun Ying Ying were both present at a good friend's coffee shop opening, and were in deep discussion about their experiences running a business. Vanness thought more outside of the box, and thought of starting an online shopping website; while Ying Ying plans to open a private boutique catered to regular customers.

Vanness plans to run a shopping website catered to Chinese people, which will sell items ranging from clothing and accessories to beauty products. He will also allow buyers to download coupons off of the website.

At the moment, he is busy recording for his new EP, and is also busy with filming a short film in the United States, but will be releasing his plans online in the near future. With his unending work schedule, he even had to turn down a leading role for the movie "The Killer Never Kills". When reporters brought up his girlfriend Arissa Cheo, he said, "She is not an entertainment circle artist, so I don't want to talk about her anymore, all you have to know is that I love her very much."

Other than running a food blog, Ying Ying is also busy preparing to open a boutique catered just for regulars, without any promotions or signs. She only wants to sell items that she would want to buy herself, and if customers want to browse the shop they will have to have advance bookings with her first.

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