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Clash of the idols

Jerry Yan and Vanness Wu, members of the now-defunct F4, went head-to-head earlier this year in their own respective idol dramas.

Now, the two are headed for another faceoff; this time, for the coveted Best Actor Award.

Having received positive reviews for both dramas, GTV have submitted both actors' names to the organizing committee for the Best Actor Award in the upcoming Golden Bell Awards, which is the Taiwanese equivalent of the Emmy Awards.

Due to their pretty-boy looks, members of F4 have been terribly limited in the roles they could take on. It was only recently that the boys started showing promise, with Vic Zhou receiving a Best Actor Award nomination for Black & White last year while Jerry and Vanness proved their acting chops in Down With Love and Autumn's Concerto.

Jerry's turn in Down With Love received positive reviews, with critics saying that that was his best performance in recent years.

Vanness' Autumn's Concerto garnered record-breaking viewership as the second-most viewed idol drama in the history of idol dramas, making him a hot favourite for the award.

With other veteran actors like Wu Nian Zhen and James Wen also vying for the award, Jerry and Vanness's run for the award will not be an easy one.

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