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Vanness Wu's relationship with girlfriend shaky

Long distance relationships are difficult to maintain and it gets worse when your boyfriend is Vanness Wu.

The former F4 member recently revealed that he has patched up with ex-girlfriend Arissa. The two used to date for a year. Marriage was on the cards since their reconciliation.

However, with Vanness based in Taiwan and Arissa in Singapore, the relationship has not been easy to maintain.

Last week Vanness was seen at a cinema together with a dark-skinned babe. The two quickly disappeared into the crowd when Vanness realized he was being followed.

The sighting of Vanness with another female casts doubts over his current relationship with Arissa.

According to his manager, Vanness and the dark-skinned babe are "just friends". When asked if the relationship between Vanness and Arissa has been going well, the manager hesitated before replying in the positive.

Vanness was in China yesterday when he told reporters that the relationship is still going strong.

He also revealed that his new single, No More Tears, will be released in Japan at the end of the month and that he will be busy with filming in subsequent months.

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