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Okay, here's what you have been waiting for! Goodies Giveaways!

Win these goodies courtesy of my blog -; No need to elaborate on details just proceed on how to join!
1. No need to answer difficult questions, just leave your comments here and SHOW YOUR LOVE TO F4! Comments are subject for approval so wait until it goes live.

2. After posting your comments - Don't forget to FOLLOW my blog through Google Connect located on right side menu bar of this page

3. Don't forget to fill in the form on this page.

4. Wait until End of February for announcement of winners. All winners will be notify through the given email address.




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my_misyel said...

Happy Commenting!

eray_poisonivy11 said...

Thank you for always giving us the latest news on F4! More power to your site! Jiayou! :D

chrissie said...

i've followed this blog since i can't remember.. hehehe..

yipee!!! i'm soooo excited!!!

chrissie said...

cool! another contest!

starz-17 said...

i remember i first stumbled in your awesome blog last year while i was researching possibly for a torrent download of their 2006 forever 4 concert in hk, but unfortunately all i got was fancams that time :)))

anyways, more power, i'm an F4 fan since 2003 and i still am until now, glad to know that there are still fans around there who keeps updating their fellow fans, thank you ^^

William & Pamela said...

Power of F4 is still going strong and in California San Francisco Bay Area even though I am a Chinese American and do not speak Mandarin. We love there songs and my husband volunteers at Angel Island at the immigration station where my grandmother was detained. This site would have been a wonderful site for your videos or a concert. We welcome you guys to visit this location on your next vacation stop.