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Zai Zai (Vic Zhou) lost 6 kg Earned NTD37,000,000

2011-01-30 Taipei-Tokyo
Translated by Vicfan @ AF Vic Zhou thread

Vic Chou (Zai Zai) at the end of last year was in Shanghai filming a TV series "Home". Due to the low the local temperature, his face and hands were blue with cold but still continued to work. Due to a bad cold plus with filming pressure, within 1 month his body weight fell 6 kg, fell from 68kg to 62kg.

On 29th, he held meetings with Tokyo Fans Club, although thin, but nonetheless charming. A total of 4 gatherings’ admission fees, sales of merchandise and "Black and White" DVD revenue, earned a total of about 37 million NT dollars.

He was in Tokyo and Osaka, 4 gatherings in total, about 10000 fans. He had not been to Japan for nearly two years, Japanese girls in order to see the elegant star, some were willing to pay twice the original ticket price of NTD2,200 yuan. His thin appearance caused many fans heart ache and many urged him to gain weight. He sang "I'm not F4" and other songs, went downstage to interact with fans…..those who shook hands with him were moved to tears.

2000 sets of "B&W" DVD sold out

4 rounds of Fans gatherings, about NTD22,000,000 admission fees, personal merchandise sold about NTD4,000,000, TV series "Black and White" Japan version DVD very expensive a set of about NTD5,300. More than 2000 sets sold out online which will bring in more than NTD10,000,000 revenue. He and Janine participate in a high-five game. There was a very pregnant fan who asked for autograph and asked both to touch her stomach, they obliged so that pregnant fan was very happy.

He and Janine has worked together 3 times. The host asked, “In the film, did you like Pizi or Hero?” She replied, "when I was young I liked the Hero kind, now I like Pizi."

This year, he will return to Yilan to celebrate CNY with family. When he was asked how many red packets will he give? He laughed: "I am the family’s convenience store, how much I give does not matter.” He usually give his money to his sister-in-law to manage, solely responsible for his family’s finance. The original homeboy, he will spend this time playing video games, and K(finish) 8 scripts. F3 Jerry Yan, Vanness Wu, Ken Chu will also spend CNY as dutiful sons, staying home with family in Taiwan during the Chinese New Year.

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pers.bassist08 said...

Thanks for sharing this article about Zai Zai. I feel so excited to watch "Home". Another action-pack series just like Black and White.

I miss Vic Zhou and the rest of the group. Actually I'm re-watching "Wish To See You Again" in Youtube. But much better if Jerry Yan was also there. :)