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Vanness Wu recommends good friend Vic Chou (Zaizai) to sing RAP

June 30, 2011

In Vanness Wu's new album, one of the songs "DO IT" needed a powerful hip-hop MC to sing the RAP portion. During discussion and song arrangements, Vanness strongly recommended Zaizai, and unexpectedly despite everyone's doubts, Zaizai was able to complete recording the RAP portion within one hour, plus received very positive evaluation. Everyone who heard it gave it the thumbs up.

Vanness and ZZ got to know each other during F4 time and now each of them have their own career path. During their debut years they have gone singing at a KTV before, and Vanness discovered that ZZ is a hidden rap expert. Vanness immediately told Zaizai that next time if he releases a solo album, Zaizai must rap in it. Zaizai agreed readily.

Following their F4 album, this is their first collaboration together and Vanness invited Zaizai for support. He asked Zaizai “Can you come and rap for my new song?” Zaizai had doubts in his heart and replied “Are you sure?” Vanness confidently told Zaizai “You can definitely do it!”. Zaizai then jokingly said “OK-ah, if you are not worried, then I am also not worried.”

Before recording the both of them had close discussions on the song and Vanness even asked Zaizai to write his own lyric so that he can sing it more smoothly. But Zaizai was afraid that changing the lyric will disturb the original song’s overall feel, and followed the original lyric during recording. The attentive Zaizai even asked Vanness “What type of RAP feel would you like?” Vanness answered “ I want Zaizai STYLE”

Zaizai did not disappoint his good brother’s expectations, only taking one hour to record the RAP portion of “DO IT” and astounded the album producer and crew - besides very clear diction, his tempo and rhythm was also very good, Everyone at the recording praised Vanness recommendation, and said that it added many extra points for the new album, making Vanness feeling very proud.

Both of them were very happy to be able to fulfill the promise from previous years, and Vanness said “This time, Zaizai helped me record the rap portion and he really did very well. When everyone listen to the album, you must pay attention to his strong performance.”

Vanness fan meeting cum album autograph event was canceled earlier due to heavy storms and Vanness felt very sorry about it. It has been rescheduled for July 9 and 10 and he hopes the weather will be good and the event will take place as planned.

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my_misyel said...

awesome rap :)