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Vanness Fans: Survey from MCA Music Universal Music Philippines

Van Ness Wu’s comeback album to be released under MCA Music!

I've stumbled this page from MCA Music (Universal Music Philippines) at Facebook and they're asking if fans are willing to buy and support the album launch (Yes, there were several album promos held here in Manila without the presence of the artists but I hope they can bring Vanness to promote his album personally) Is that possible MCA?

Anyways, just for a thought of sharing this page to all of you (specially Metro Manila/Philippines) residents if we would like the MCA Music/Universal Music Philippines to hold the album promo in one of the malls in the Metro.

Simply click this click, like the page, like the post and leave your comments :)

And, Early August is such a perfect month. Because it's Vanness'special day.

Also, which album cover will be available - LOVE, FAITH , LIVE? drools.

Honestly, we've already pre-ordered our album in Taiwan courtesy of VIFC and Certified VanNaddicts :) hahaha

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my_misyel said...

I can't wait :)