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Vanness Wu admits he was a womaniser

By Syahida Kamarudin | From Cinema Online Exclusively for Yahoo! Newsroom – 13 hours ago

8 Nov – Vanness Wu's much popularised abstinence from sex for the past five years is apparently to redeem himself from his bad behaviour in the past, according to a report on Asianpopnews website.

In an interview on a Taiwanese variety programme, "University", the performer confessed to audiences regarding his past rebellious behaviour. The singer stated, "I used to be very flirtatious in the past."
"2007 was my most depressing year. Although F4 was at the peak of popularity, I was unable to do the kind of music I loved in order to support my family."

Vanness confessed that he lost his life direction and was in frequent quarrels with his parents as a result.
"I quarrelled a lot with my parents at that time. I even went around drinking and courting girls. I treated girls with no respect at all," the singer confessed.

However, Vanness explained that he changed his lifestyle and attitude after he was baptised as a Christian few years back. The singer stated, "I then realised that women are the best creations and my past attitude towards women were so wrong!"
The singer is currently in a relationship with a Singaporean heiress, Arissa Cheo.

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