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F4 to make comeback for CNY

1 Jan – It was recently revealed that after four years, Taiwanese group F4 will be reuniting once again for a Lunar New Year special.
According to Jayne Stars, the group will be appearing as one of the performers for the Chinese New Year show that will be broadcast via Jiangsu Satellite TV (JSTV) after a pre-recording in Beijing in January 2013.

Fans will get to hear the group sing their hit song, "Meteor Rain".

F4 first rose to fame through the Taiwanese TV series, "Meteor Garden", which is an adaptation of the Japanese comic "Hana Yori Dango". The drama featured the four members, Jerry Yan, Vanness Wu, Ken Zhu, and Vic Chou as four handsome wealthy heirs who form the members of a famous gang known as F4.

The drama was a hit all over Asia, to the extent that the members were recruited to help promote tourism for Taiwan and reportedly brought in an estimated NTD 4.2 billion in revenue for the country.

However, after its record breaking concerts in Japan in 2008, F4 technically disbanded, with each member focusing on individual projects instead.

Daomisyel: Waiting for each member's confirmation of schedule! :P

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