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F4’s reunion rakes in S$1.18m in earnings

The Taiwanese boyband is preparing a special reunion stage for Jiangsu TV’s Spring Festival Gala

12 years since they shot to stardom with the TV series Meteor Garden, Taiwanese boyband F4 is set to perform at Jiangsu TV’s Spring Festival Gala to ring in the Chinese New Year this February. Jerry Yan, Vic Chou, Vanness Wu and Ken Zhu will rake in RMB $6 million (S$1.18 million) in earnings from their onstage reunion, the first in five years.

More than a decade since they became an iconic group, F4’s popularity is unrivalled as news of their reunion spread across the online community within hours after it was announced. Though the program rundown is still in the midst of discussion, the show’s director assured fans that every detail of the performance will be well prepared for.

He added that the production team specially flew to Taiwan twice, to discuss the program with the four of them separately. “For them to perform on the same stage, especially during the festive season, is a huge task.”

Vic’s manager also shared that the boyband plans to appear in a “very special manner” which will bring back fond memories from 12 years ago.

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