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F4 join forces in Tokyo To hold concert next year

F4 join forces in Tokyo To hold concert next year

Yesterday, F4 appeared in Tokyo as Taiwan tourism bureau ambassador recommending Taiwan food. They were carefil not to mention the word "country". F4 event on 28 Oct was rumoured to be their last event together b4 disbanding. Jerry's manager Zheng Mao Liang & F3's manager Zhi Xiang Li denied he rumour and expressed the 4 of them will hold concert in Japan next year.

At Japan press conference yesterday, as usual Jerry walked out 1st, followed by Vanness, Ken & Zai. As the theme for the press conference was Taiwan delicacies, therefore the 4 of them recommended some distinctive taiwan snacks. Jerry introduced Xiao Long Bao, he usually enjoys eating snacks and xiao long bao is his favourite. Vanness recommended Dan4 Zai noodles, he feels that it's similar to Japan's ramen. Ken mentioned Cai4 Pu eggs, and Zai praised bubble tea for being Taiwan's specialty.

Zai displayed his cold jokes once again. When Vanness said he likes eating Dan Zai noodles, Zai said to the Japan media: "Do u know why Vanness likes to eat Dan Zai Mian?" Coz i'm ZaiZai, there's "zai" in Dan Zai Mian.

Source: 21.09.2007
Pls credit Michi@ OnlyF4 if u wish to post the above clips/translation elsewhere. Thanks!

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