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Ken Chu, Vanness Wu flies to Japan to attract Taiwan tourism

Ken Chu, Vanness Wu flies to Japan to attract Taiwan tourism

Being Taiwan tourism ambassador for Japan & Korea region, F4 wiill hold a press conference in Tokyo & Korea next few days.
Yesterday, Vanness Wu & Ken Chu almost couldn't make it to Japan due to typhoon. Their manager Zhi Xiang Li said they have "risked" their lives, to do their part for Taiwan tourism.
Jerry had arrived 2 days ago, and Zai arrived the day b4. But Jerry's make up artise & hair stylist departed from Taiwan yesterday. The crew self consoled by saying: "Don't worry, typhoon will be over soon, won't be affected."

Vanness & Ken took the Cathay 12:50 flight to Japan, together with 5 crew. Upon reaching the airport, they worried that flights will be cancelled. Chih said: "Heard that the direction of the typhoon is the same as the route to Japan, so we were racing with the typhoon."

Yesterday, as weather reports stated that typhoon rain will be heavier, many Japan flights were cancelled. Although Vanness & Ken's flight successfully took off, there was a slight turbulence. They felt relieved after the safety belt alert lights went off.

Chih expressed, as their Japan schedule is very tight, Japan crew were nervous, worried that Vann & Ken might delay in reaching Japan, thus affecting the work schedule. Last night, they tried on their outfits for Tokyo press conference.

Early September, Jerry faced the strong typhoon during White Tower promotion. This time, he arrived in Japan just b4 the typhooon. His manager Zheng Mao Liang said: he was fate with typhoon. Until today, his make up artise & hair stylist have not reach Japan. Zheng Mao Liang explained, Japan side has prepared make up artise & hair stylist too, it won't be a problem.

When Zai arrived Japan on 17th, there were almost 300 fans waiting at the airport. Even Zai himself was shocked as his flight schedule was a secret. 2 hours after reaching Japan, Zai tried on at least 30 sets of outfits. After that, it was a photo shoot for official fanclub merchandise. Following, a series of interviews with Japan media, regarding his new album which will be released in October. The new album will be released in Japan too, but he won't have time to visit Japan again for promotions as he is busy filming Taiwan tourism drama.

F4 will be holding a fans session on 28 Oct. As the event is said to be favouring Japan & Korea fans, Jerry, Zai & Vanness have plans to hold another fans session to meet up with Taiwan fans. Zai's is said to be held on 27th, and different from previous dinner session, this time he will be singing his new song from his new album

Source: 19.09.2007


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