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Finally !!!! =p

Finally !!! We got our copies! yeah it was so great and we were excited when we got it ...Thanks to vicpower for accommodating our orders. Anyways, i am now enjoying Zz's music (hehe)

Meanwhile, Sisters met at Trinoma Mall and checked the venue (Designated location for Ken's Batanes Fans Day and Movie Premiere next month) ... then ate some snacks near the movie haus.

I hope everything will be fine coz the venue for fan's day is not that big compared to other malls. Oh well, that's all i can say. How i wish i can report everything...Sisters will try to update from time to time.And we are wishing that everybody can watch the premiere since it was told that they can't accommodate all fans ...sadness!

Am excited for Basketball of Fire too. Glad that Jerry will do another series.hehehe.Miss Him so much LOL.

Till here. Take Care.

Mitch =p

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