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11/15/07 Vic¡¯s New Movie Revealed ¨C Co-starring Japanese actress Erika

11/15/07 Vic¡¯s New Movie Revealed ¨C Co-starring Japanese actress Erika

Rising Japanese Actress ‘ôÌï»ÝÀæÏã (Erika ?? ¨C sorry don¡¯t know how to pronounce that last name) secretly came to Taiwan for shooting of her new movie: ¡°Tea Fight¡±, a joint project by Japanese and Taiwanese production companies. The production companies had kept a low profile on the Taiwanese co-star. Our news crew followed the production staff to the shooting site yesterday and surprisingly discovered that this movie will feature Vic Chou, along with another renowned Hong Kong actor Zhang (middle age guy, not handsome so no worries J)

In yesterday¡¯s shooting, Vic wore a long blue overcoat and looked as though he was a maestro in the art of tea serving (cha-dou). His assistants were attentive in ensuring Vic was not bothered by mosquitoes or over-exposure under the sun.

By late afternoon, the crew moved to another site for a different scene. During breaks, Vic and Erika took a brief recess in the resting area at the site, while Zhang chatted with the director.

Erika¡¯s shooting was done shortly after recess and left. Vic and Zhang continued shooting while the staff was busy with controlling the flow of people and preventing reporters from taking pictures.

The story of ¡°Tea Fight¡± is about the quest for the ¡°Tea of Phantom¡±. The owner of the tea house and his daughter went to Taiwan to seek the legendary tea. The movie will be shot in Japan and Taiwan; it is targeted for wrap-up by March and may premiere at the Cannes Film Festival in May

The style of Vic¡¯s character in this movie is like a cross-over between ancient and Japanese styles. His agent Wang was not willing to comment on the project citing contractual terms and agreements with the production company. Vic¡¯s current project, tourism drama ¡°Wish to See You Again¡±, is currently put on-hold. Wang indicated that Vic will return to the drama crew in half a month.

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