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11/14/07“Linger”Tentatively Scheduled for January Release in Mainland

11/14/07“Linger”Tentatively Scheduled for January Release in Mainland

According to our information, “Linger”- the supernatural thriller directed by Johnny To, starring Vic Chou and Li Bin Bin, has cleared movie inspection in mainland and is tentatively planned for a premiere on Jan 10, 2008. It will be squaring off with Jay Chou’s “Slam Dunk”.

The Supernatural-themed “Linger” Passed Inspection

The storyline of“Linger”is about two lovers; the boyfriend (Vic Chou) died in an accident and his girlfriend (Li Bin Bin) couldn’t forget about him long after his death, until one day she “encountered ”the spiritual form of her boyfriend…… Renowned scriptwriter An Xi took five year in perfecting the story. Johnny To once stated that the theme of“Linger” was an uncharted terrority to him; unlikely many of his favorite“gang and guys” themes, this movie describe the spiritual growth of a young woman. It is also To’s first movie featuring a mainland actress as the leading female character.

The movie is tentatively scheduled for premiere on Jan 10, 2008; it will be facing competition from Jay Chou’s “Slam Dunk”. There are only two movies planned for holiday release, so “Linger” and “Slam Dunk” will be considered as holiday releases.

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