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LaMB: The Animax’s First Original Anime Production Project at Astro 715

LaMB: The Animax’s First Original Anime Production Project at Astro 715

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So, what is so hype about LaMB? Is it some sort of sheep or goat? Well, kinda..since it got some similarities with them. LaMB actually is the first Animax’s original anime production project based on the script submitted by a Filipino writer, Carmelo Juinio for the 6th Animax Awards in 2007. Instead of ‘LaMB’, the original script title of this animation is ‘Laminated Woman: To the Sand Planet Cerra‘ (what a mouthful title). Although it didn’t win the Grand Prize (only regional winner), but it really impressed the judges so much that they decide to turn it into a feature length animation too.

Jack Griswold and Eve (Major Sara Integra), two protagonists of this LaMB anime.

The LaMB Storyline

Basically, this story takes place in distant future in a desert planet called Cerra. One unique thing about this planet is its imprisonment system without walls. Prisoners has to go through the “Lamination” process where they will wear the cybernetic laminated skin-tight suits and then they can move around the place and do slavery job that cannot be done by machine or robots. The laminated prisoners are called LaMBs. One of the LaMBs is Eve (voice by Medicorp DJ, Petrina Kow), an ex-weapon specialist who has accidentally taken innocent lives while doing her military operation job. She was charged with manslaughter and then sentenced to 200 years in the virtual imprisonment behind the laminated suit. It is a fate that Eve met with Dr Jack Griswold (voice by Vanness Wu, a JVKV or F4 member), a scientist specialising in advanced botanical engineering from another planet who is such a workaholic in order to forget the tragic loss of his dead wife. What a Titanic love story…

The LaMB Team

So, who is behind LaMB? To start with, there are around 50 production team working in 10 months to complete it with the budget of US$6mil (RM21.6mil). Hey, that’s equivalent to movie Puteri Gunung Ledang cost. Well, some of them are really famous. To start with, Simple Plan and Click Five music and song are featured in this movie and have been made into exclusive music videos for Animax. The director for this anime is Thomas Chou, the co-founder and director of Da Joint, a Hong Kong production house. The project consultant is Ryosuke Tei, former founder and creative director of Furi Furi, a Japanese creative agency. The storyboard artist is Yasufumi Soejima who used to work with the legendary Studio Gonzo (Holy shit! That’s rock!). The concept art and designs are provided by the famous Imaginary Friends Studio, a Singapore company. Eve’s suits or dress are designed by Vivienne Tam, a New York-based fashion designer. Peach Blosson Media, a Singapore-based animation studio worked with Animation Asia on the LaMB’s animation and production. Well, it certainly looks like the whole world is working together on this animation. That’s what we called GLOBALIZATION or Cross Cultural Phenomenon. Awesome!!

Lastly, you can watch this Animax’s baby on Astro Channel 715 (Animax) on this coming Tuesday, 7th April 2009 at 8 pm (the one hour finale). For more information about LaMB, you can visit:
1) The Official Website of LaMB at
2) Article in The Star about this Animax baby project.

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