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This week on Asia Uncut with your HOST Jon Niermann

Be sure to catch the 5th episode this Friday 11.30pm SE Asia, 10pm Phillipines and 11pm Middle East on Star World, and if you cant make that, the repeat is on Sunday!

Having starred in several international Asian films and the recent "Street Fighter: The legend of Chun Li", the Singaporean streetfighting daddy Edmund Chen teaches Jon the Taiji art of deflection.

The ever-sassy thespian Rebecca Hall has locked lips with James McAvoy, Christian Bale and Javier Bardem, in this episode, Jon gets this new leading lady’s feet delightfully wet.

The Nutshell Girls' are the creators behind their successful bite-sized books on Eastern Holistic Living, will Jon become more Eastern-enlightened under the tutelage of these gurus in heels?

High profile Taiwanese actor and member of the famous band F4, Van Ness Wu ventures into a new arena and proves himself to be a worthy martial arts hero in his new movie "Kung Fu Chef".

Recently touted as one of the most promising comedian to emerge from UK, Michael Fabbri nimbly treads the fine line between intelligence and foolishness, he hits Jon's funny bone even when his mouth is full.

And leading part of the new wave of music in Singapore, catch the self-assured quintet The Great Spy Experiment rip some mean riffs and fine musical textures in the studio.

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