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ZaiZai & Blue Lan go head-to-head in Golden Bell showdown

Source: UDN
Translation: Sarah @

This year’s Golden Bell Awards, ZaiZai will most likely go head-to-head with ‘love rival’ Blue Lan and ‘former rival’ Jerry Yan. Particularly interesting is the fact that ZaiZai & Blue Lan are both ex-boyfriends of Da S, and both made the transition to a policeman in their dramas; their competition is receiving a lot of attention.

The Golden Bell Awards has a number of rules: the best male lead must be from a series and it must have broadcasted at least 8 episodes before May this year. Jerry Yan has never been nominated, and PTV is planning on registering him for ‘Starlit.’ Coincidentally, PTV’s ‘Black & White’ and SETTV’s ‘Police Et Vous’ starring policemen ZaiZai and Blue, respectively also qualify for nominations. ZaiZai & Blue’s names have often been linked together in the past, due to Da S, but it will be the first time they truly compete by acting skills.

Actually, ZaiZai has almost gone crazy from being constantly asked about Da S, even this time during ‘Black & White’ promotions, the focus is still on Da S, even though they had split a long time ago. No-one seems to take notice of him escaping his melancholy prince image and playing a ruffian, a host even mentioned the late Hsu Wei Lun, making ZaiZai feel very uncomfortable. Because he feels there is no point, he declined a few notices, but this instead resulted in rumours of his depression resurfacing again. ZaiZai said helplessly: “If they don’t write about my love life, they write about depression, can they write something else for once?”

As for Blue Lan, lately he has been busy with costume fitting for upcoming SETTV drama ‘Good Health & Fortune.’ In the drama, he plays an overbearing ‘meat man’; and they specially custom-made 20 suits alone. Following Ethan Ruan and Roy Chiu, SETTV have already decided to sign Blue for 3 more dramas in 2 years time, and the condition is that he must not work with any other TV station. In ‘Police Et Vous’, Blue purposely acted gumby, and sure enough, broke away from his ‘flower vase’ label. In ‘Good Health & Fortune’, he will resume his good-looking appearance, but will challenge the course of bad turning good. Blue has been actively engaging in weight training, and after only 2 weeks, visible muscle lines are already appearing.

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